Virginia Embezzlement Charge Penalties

Embezzlement under the code of Virginia is theft by an employee or a worker. Embezzlement is theft that carries further elements that a person who has stolen an item or cash is employed by the person they stole from or the unit that they stole from.

The charges of embezzlement are from situations where a person is employed by an individual or an organization whether it be a big brand company or just a normal company that does business in local surroundings. Any worker can be charged with the embezzlement case if they steal from their employer and it is that simple as it can get. Stealing from a worker is considered embezzlement and that is a misdemeanor offense and a felony offense. An experienced embezzlement attorney can help you to plan your case in consideration of your desired result.

Categories of Embezzlement Crimes

The most common sample of embezzlement happens where a person is working for an outlet in the role of a cashier, and that person either take cash out of the drawer. Another thing is where an individual conducts fake returns to credit either by a loved one, a family member, or themselves.

This kind of transaction usually take place when the person is committing the embezzlement offense and conducts a transaction on the money register to credit either their credit card, perhaps creating gift cards for that person using items that were already in the store’s inventory, or their loved ones’ credit card, but they claim that they were performing a return transaction.

In that case, they skim the item that never left the store, claiming it is being returned by someone else and then that person’s credit card is endorsed with the cash or value that the item is actually worth.

Legal Penalties in Virginia

In Virginia, a person can be charged with felony embezzlement or misdemeanor embezzlement. If the amount of the damage to the victim is more than $200, they will directly get charged with felony embezzlement offense, which can lead you to serious penalties. Felony embezzlement is a robbery crime that can carry a sentence up to 20 years in jail. Whereas, Misdemeanor embezzlement offense involves embezzlement where the damage of the victim is less than $200. If an individual is charged with and convicted of a misdemeanor embezzlement offense then the maximum sentence that the person can face is a year in jail and a maximum fine of $2,500.

The instant consequences, obviously, is that the person is going to lose their employment; in fact, most folks lose their job even after they are charged, but if they are not proven guilty then they might be able to get their job back. In addition to a loss of a job, people, particularly in felony cases, might be facing active jail time.