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Divorce is typically a sensitive family matter. Matters related to marriage and marital relationship are often resolved through mutual agreement by both members of a couple, through a mediation process, or through a court decision. If you are in Virginia and want to protect your rights which are presently under threat as you are getting divorced from your spouse, then it is imperative to approach a Virginia divorce lawyer in order to know which alternative is effective for your unique matter.

What is divorce mediation?

In Virginia, divorce mediation is a lawful process by which an impartial third party helps you as well as your spouse to reach an agreement on issues related to the separation and divorce.

What issues are included in the mediation process?

Divorce mediation focuses on economic issues and the care of children that arise when you and your spouse separate or divorce, or when you want to modify the agreements after the divorce. These issues may include the spousal support, child support, custody and the visitation regime, and the division of marital property. A Virginia divorce lawyer can act as a mediator. If your spouse still lives with you, then a mediator can help you and your spouse resolve how and when to do it. Divorce mediation also is suitable for ex-spouses or for parents who never married and need to negotiate agreements regarding child support, custody or visitation children.

What are the benefits of mediation?

Mediation is based on the idea that spouses are the ones who know the best what the needs are, and that when to negotiate directly with each one, and they can reach an agreement that is fair and adapts to the needs of each one. The process of mediation does not confront the spouses and, therefore, facilitates a better relationship after of divorce. Mediators help parents understand the special needs of their children that arise in the wake of separation and divorce. They assist in devising a plan for your family. In the Commonwealth of Virginia, an agreement through mediation along with the help of a well-versed Virginia divorce lawyer can be more creative and more appropriate to your particular situation than an order issued by a judge.

How are decisions made in mediation?

In the mediation process, you as well as your spouse make the decisions, not the mediator. The mediator will provide guidance throughout the process and will structure the tasks in order to help gather the information necessary to make decisions. The Basic rules of a mediation process are to allow full disclosure of documentation, financial information, and other preventive measures. The mediator will help you, and your spouse to clarify issues, devise options and make decisions. The mediator can help turn destructive conflict into a constructive resolution. Some mediators do not accept cases in which there is a history of domestic violence.

Do I need a lawyer?

As the mediator is neutral and most mediators cannot usually provide legal advice, you should consult to a lawyer when the mediation begins. A lawyer can advise you as to your interests and individual rights, and assist you in the legal proceedings of divorce. The advice of a lawyer can help you better evaluate the options that you should consider in mediation. A Virginia divorce lawyer should review the draft agreement of separation and division of goods in order to get the best outcome.

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