Virginia computer crimes laws

In Virginia, the crimes lists are way bigger than the people who lived there, but as because of the increasing amount of such crimes, the authorities have made two kinds of laws in where the offender may go through punishments and penalties according to the crime intensity.

However, these two categories are involving, a felony and a misdemeanor. As in a felony, the offender might be suffering from serious penalties like life imprisonment or with a fine as well. Though in a misdemeanor, the offender might be going through with less serious penalties as compared to the felony.

In a misdemeanor, the offender might be suffering from the penalty of imprisoning for up to months or even a year, but not more than that, along with a fine as well.

So, in the list of crimes, Computer Crimes are also very popular nowadays, but what kind of charges a person will get into computer crime cases?

charges of computer crime in VA

Well, these computer crimes are basically from a category of cyber crimes in Virginia. Though the Virginia Computer Crimes charges are given below, these are the acts by which you can be charged with the cybercrime or a computer crime in Virginia, include:

Computer Fraud – Practicing over a computer or kind of network without permission to misappropriate, steal, or take property by false claims.

Spam – Utilizing a computer or even a network to send undesirable advertisements further, or even to involved in sending such falsify email sending information.

Computer Trespass – Damaging, removing, blocking, or causing a breakdown or a kind of fault to an unauthorized network or computer.

Computer Invasion of Privacy – Utilizing a network or computer to further intentionally consider or check the confidential report.

Personally, Identifying Information – Utilizing a network or a computer to get through “fraud” any personally knowing information.

Fraud of Computer Services – Without even the permission from the authorities, taking computer services intentionally.

Involved with an act of Harassment by Computer – The possible act of threatening, intimidating, or otherwise involving in harassing someone over a computer or even a computer network.

These are the charges by which you will be getting arrested with the computer crime charged in Virginia. However, the penalties are also considered according to the intensity of the crime.

penalties of the computer crime in VA

According to the Virginia laws, if the charged has been occurred under the misdemeanor, then the penalties would be:

If the stolen property is less than $200, then the person might be arrested with the charged of a misdemeanor, in where he should have to stay in prison for several years with a fine as well.

If the stolen property is above $200, the charged would be as a felony, in where the person should have to stay in prison for 5 years with a fine of $2,500.

In a misdemeanor charge, the person might be going through imprison for up to 12 months with a fine of $2,500.