Taking Indecent Liberties with Minor VA

In the state of Virginia, sexual offenses of any kind are taken as a major deal and are treated with extremely stringent laws. When an individual is charged with taking indecent liberties with a minor, it actually means that a child was targeted for an act that was sexual in nature by a person who was above 18 years of age. It also covers the adults who play any role or are involved in any way in child pornography.  This offense is treated as a class 5 felony offense but in some cases stricter penalties can be given depending on the circumstances and the incriminating evidence that is available.

An adult is any person who is above the age of 18 years. The charge of taking sexual or indecent liberties with a child is befitting when the prosecution has proved that the defendant had a lascivious intent or carried out the act knowingly and with the intention of doing things that particular way. If these indecent acts by any chance lead to proper sexual intercourse then that means a whole new and stricter level of charges for the defendant. The indecent acts can include touching of the genitals and private parts, fondling, making the child touch someone else in an indecent manner or using the child for sexual gratification.

If an individual is accused of these charges, it is highly imperative that they contact a professional and experienced lawyer right away. The main reason for this is that criminal charges of any kind are bad for any person but charges for any sexual offenses are the kind that ruin a person’s entire reputation within a second and they have serious repercussions if the person in fact convicted. A good lawyer might be able to help you in amending the charges to something less offensive or less reputation ruining. Sexual offenders have to enlist themselves in the state’s sexual offender’s registry. This is cause for making a person suffer for the rest of their lives. It closes off any chances for good future employment or being able to live in decent neighborhoods.

Taking indecent liberties with a minor is an act of the highest level of perversion where a person could actually feel any sort of sexual gratification from a child. There could be a psychological problem with the individual too. In order to avoid repeat offenses, offenders are usually made to go through a series of psych evaluations and hours of community service and other loopholes. Even then they are placed on the sexual offender’s registry to make that work as a deterrent. Any person who can hurt a minor is a great threat to the society especially if he or she is psychologically ill. These cases need proper treatment and attention so that in the future even the offender can have an attempt at leading a normal life. A good lawyer can show the defendant how to go about all this and help him or her through this tough spot.

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