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There are several demands for falls and/or slips. Falls and/or slips happen at any time, anywhere and at any time of the year. So many possibilities require owners of premises to pay attention to dangerous conditions existing or caused by weather or season, as they can cause accidents and falls. Here are some examples of such cases as pointed out by Richmond Virginia personal injury lawyers:

Wet Floor: Usually in commercial places, when it rains, some liquid is spilled on the floor, or when the floor is cleaned, yellow cones are used to demarcate and indicate it as Wet Floor. In this way, the owners or agents are acting reasonably to prevent an accident. If you come walking in a hurry while you talk on the phone and you do not see the cones that mark the danger zone, and you fall, most likely you will be found at least 50% negligent and have no right to recovery.

Defective Stairs: According to Richmond Virginia personal injury lawyers, there are many ways that stairs or steps create dangerous conditions. For instance, the step is defective, the distance between steps is uneven, the staircase has no handrails or is blocked by pots. Any of these conditions must be remedied as soon as possible. Depending on the condition, it is taken into consideration whether the plaintiff was familiar with the ladder or was the first time he climbed them.

Ice on the Sidewalk: Suppose the snowstorm happened a while ago and the snow is melting and turning to ice. The owner or manager has to remove a reasonably wide trail so that pedestrians can walk and maintain sufficient amount of salts on the floor so that ice does not accumulate. It is not a defense to declare that the owner is on vacation in another country. According to Richmond Virginia personal injury lawyers, he/she is responsible for hiring someone to handle this when they are not present. It is vital to note the type of clothing as well as footwear that the applicant wore, the time it happened and if the person was carrying something that prevented the individual from seeing where they were walking.

Slope in Floor or Sidewalk: This can be appreciated when pieces of sidewalks are broken, or the roots of trees lift blocks of sidewalks, creating great unevenness. The cost of removing the tree and roots, and repairing the sidewalk is sometimes very high. However, there are other solutions such as pouring concrete to create a slight hillock or ridge that prevents pedestrians from stumbling and falling. It is essential to know how long this condition has existed and who is responsible, as well as the type of lighting that existed in that area and if the pedestrian was running, walking, looking at something on the phone screen, say well-versed Richmond Virginia personal injury lawyers. Each case is different, and on many occasions, both parties are found negligent in one or more ways.

Although every person should take care when moving, running, or walking on public or other’s private property, you could have to compensate for other’s injuries if the incident occurred as a result of your negligence or not taking reasonable steps that you must have taken, say Richmond Virginia personal injury lawyers.

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