credit card fraud in Virginia

Crimes like theft or fraud are so common nowadays in Virginia as well as many of the other places. After committing such crimes, the offender always thinks that the authorities will never pick him up or find him, as they don’t have any solid proof or something like this.

But, these offenders don’t even know the laws of Virginia, which are getting strict day by day. No one can go free after commits a crime in Virginia, the authorities have more power than your thoughts, and they can arrest you as soon as possible.

So, the chances are, stay away from such fraud crimes especially a credit card fraud. Because credit card fraud is illegal and can be charged with the class 2 felony in Virginia.

Though, when you steal a credit card of someone else or trying to use the card number without the owner’s permission, you might be getting arrested with the charged off credit card fraud in Virginia.

Virginia Credit Card Fraud is imposed under the code section of ยง18.2-195 in Virginia. However, Virginia credit card fraud actually is intentionally utilizing a credit card to get some advantage, and the offender is behaving with an intention to cheat the owner. In such cases, you might be getting yourself in charge of a credit card fraud.

credit card fraud charges

Deliberately Utilizing Stolen Credit Card/Number in the states of Virginia than the commonWealth should have to prove these things in a manner to further proven the offender guilty include:

utilized a credit card

the credit card utilized was actually a lost one or even stolen from the owner

the offender accepted the credit card for the goal of getting goods, duties, or anything else of benefit, and

The offender behaved with an intention to cheat the owner.

Used a credit card which is already expired, to further gets some goods, or other valuable items, or even had an intention to provide a deceive to the owner.

penalties of the credit card fraud in Virginia

The charges and penalties of the Virginia credit card fraud can be included into a misdemeanor or even a felony as well. However, if the cost of the things which is getting by the card is almost less than $200 in the time period of 6 months, it will be charged as a misdemeanor in Virginia. The person might be going through with the imprisonment for up to 12 months with a fine of $2,500.

Even though, if the value which is getting with the card is more than $200, and the time period below the 6 months, then it will be charged as a felony. The person might be going through 5 years stay in jail with a fine of $2,500.

a defense lawyer in VA

People should need a lawyer when they ever faced such crimes, mistakenly or deliberately. Even though, the victim on its own needs a lawyer in a manner to solve the case in a proper legal way.